LED Highbay light 200W Bridgelux

Industrial LED highbay light 200W with the power supply Meanwell and high-performing LED chips Bridgelux. Complex information including prices can be found after pressing the "View" button.

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Industrial LED highbay light, power 200W, included high quality american LED chips Bridgelux with LED luminous flux 120-130 lumen per Watt. Big passive aluminium cooler can cool the chip effeciently, which makes the light's lifespan longer.


High quality power supply MEANWELL HLG-240H-36A is used to power the highbay light. It is the most preferred solution for LED applications due to its reliability.


Color temperature cool white (6000-6500K) is obviously preferred for the industrial LED highbay light. It is also possible to deliver color temperature warm white (2700-3300K) or neutral (natural) white (4500-5500K) if requested.


Ingress protection rating of the highbay light is IP65 (waterproof). It is manufactured with the viewing angle 45, 90 or 120 degrees.


Following picture shows the illumination level by 1 piece of industrial LED highbay light 200W viewing angle 45 degree and cool white color temperature:

Intenzita osvetlenia


Industrial LED highbay light 200W size is shown on the following picture:

Rozmery LED priemyselného svietidla 160W


This LED highbay light is suitable for industrial applications in workshops, warehouses and business centers.


The following diagram is the example of use 5x3 pieces industrial LED highbay light 200W viewing angle 45 degree in the room 30 x 18 meters mounted 11 meters high. Colored areas show the similar illumination level zones (in lux):

Renderovanie nepravými farbami BL-200W


We deliver industrial LED highbay lights on request according the the customer's order. Minimum order quantity is 2 pieces of LED lights. LED highbay light price is depended on the volume and current freight rates. That is why every order is checked with the supplier and then confirmed.


Estimated return on investment:

As for calculation No.1 we used 2 day shifts including half an hour before the shift and a half an hour after the shift. Free weekends are considered.

As for calculation No.2 we used 24-hour daily working time. 1 month shutdown is considered.

Price 0.1 € per kWh excl. VAT and the installation of 50 lights is considered.

  Daily Annually Return on Investment
 Calculation No.1 17 hours

300 days (free weekends)

2.52 year
 Calculation No.2 24 hours

330 days (1 month shutdown)

1.62 year

Do not hesitate to contact us before the order to make agreement on prices and delivery conditions.


Product features:

  • Common LED lifespan (approximately): 50 000 hod
  • Warranty for consumer: 2 years
  • Power: 200W
  • Input voltage: AC 230V
  • Beam angle: 45°, 90° or 120°
  • Luminous flux: 25 000 lm
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP65
  • Product size: Ø500 mm x 505 mm
  • Working voltage: DC 36V
  • Working temperature: -35° to +50 °C
  • Used as a replacement for: High-Press.sodium lamp HPS 400/450W
  • LED: 2x Bridgelux 100W 120-130 lm/W (45 mil.)
  • Power supply: HLG-240H-36A
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • LED Luminous flux: 120-130 lm/W
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): more than 70%
  • Product weight: 11 kg
  • Color temperature: Cool white (6000-6500K), Neutral white (4500-5500K), Warm white (2700-3300K)
  • Certificates: CE


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